Departments of different faculty and capacity (The 16 codes are explained in detail below)

Faculty of Civil Engineering
Code Department/Subject Seat
CE Civil Engineering 120
BECM Building Engineering and Construction Management 60
URP Urban and Regional Planning 60
Arch Architecture [1] 40

Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Code Department/Subject Seat
EEE Electrical and Electronic Engineering 120
CSE Computer Science and Engineering 120
ECE Electronics and Communication Engineering 60
BME Bio-Medical Engineering 30
MSE Materials Science and Engineering 60

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Code Department/Subject Seat
ME Mechanical Engineering 120
IPE Industrial and Production Engineering [2] 60
LE Leather Engineering 60
TE Textile Engineering 60
ESE Energy Science and Engineering 30
ChE Chemical Engineering 30
MTE Mechatronics Engineering 30

[1] Duration of Architecture course is five (5) years.

[2] IPE degree will be awarded from the department of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM)

* Reserved seat for small ethnic group: 5 seats

** Total seat 1060 + 5 (Additional 5 reserved seat for the small ethnic group or inhabitants of Chittagong hill tracks) = 1065