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The application form for Admission 2016-2017 of KUET will only be available online, and the application processing fee can be paid only through DBBL Mobile Banking using mobile phone. No printed application form will be sold from this University or elsewhere, and other modes of payment except through DBBL Mobile Banking will not be accepted.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Online Application Form Fill up

  • Application form should be filled up properly through the assigned website ( and submit recent color photograph (approximately 300 x 350 pixel and at most 75 kB in size) and signature (approximately 300 x 80 pixel and at most 20 kB in size) of the candidate. It is recommended to submit both the photograph and signature in *.JPG format. Any writing or attestation on photograph is not permitted. No indistinct or distortion of signature and photograph is accepted. Note that photograph and signature of the applicant will be verified in examination hall.
  • After filling up the application form one can see the preview of the filled form by clicking 'Preview' button. If any information is needed to be corrected, one can edit the form by clicking 'Edit' button.
  • If everything in the 'Preview of Application' is correct, one can finally submit the application by clicking 'Submit' button.
  • If the submission is successful, the applicant can see the 'Confirmation Page' where the necessary instruction will be provided along with the 6 digit 'Application No.' and a 'Password'.Applicant must remember his Application No. and the 'Password' for further use. Applicant should print and collect the printable PDF version of the 'Receipt of Application' which will be available through clicking the 'Download of Application' button.
  • Some applicants may be marked as A, T or P on the application for the following reasons:
    • A -> Passed in GCE 'O' level and 'A' level examination and/or from Foreign Education Board
    • T -> If the applicant is a Small Ethnic Groups (Tribal).
    • P -> If there is a mismatch between the information provided by the applicant and information collected from the Education Board or the information in the Board is missing.

A PDF version of the application and 'Receipt of Application' marked with A, T or P will be generated automatically. Applicants of this category are requested to follow the instruction mentioned in Step 4.

Step 2: Payment of Application Fee

The application fee of Tk. 800 (Eight hundred) should be paid through DBBL Mobile Banking using Mobile.
The instruction of 'How to Payment' is as follows:

Step 3: Collection of Money Receipt

If the applicant paid the application fee successfully, can download and print the PDF version of the Money Receipt from the assigned website ( The applicant has to click the "Applicant's Log in" button and by providing the password and Application No. s/he can get the Money receipt by clicking the "Download money receipt" button.

Step 4: Submitting Necessary Documents for A, T or P marked Applications

Those who received the marked A, T or P in the 'Receipt of Application' and 'Application Form', mentioned in Step 1, they have to download the PDF version of the On-Line filled application of 3 pages and print it on one side of A4 size, 80 gm offset paper. The first 2 pages are the Online filled application form and the 3rd page is the 'Receipt of Application'.

The printed version (hard copy) of the application along with the following documents should be submitted physically by the applicant or his/her guardian to the Registrar office of KUET within 29 September, 2016 before 5:00 pm. No Application posted by Postal/Courier service will be accepted.

  1. Attested copy of the SSC or equivalent examination certificate and Grade sheet.
  2. Attested copy of the HSC or equivalent examination Grade sheet. Instead of Grade sheet, the Tabulation sheet attested by the respective Principal of the college/institute is also acceptable
  3. Printed copy of the 'Money Receipt'.
  4. Printed copy of the 'Receipt of Application' and 'Application Form'.
  5. If the applicant is a Small Ethnic Groups (Tribal), s/he needs to submit the certificate of citizenship of Bangladesh and as a proof of the said Groups (tribe), s/he needs the certificate from the respective principal of the college where s/he studied, certificate from the chairman of local Pouroshova/Zilla Parishad/Union Parishad and Morol of the said Groups (Tribe).

[NOTE] Those who received the 'Receipt of Application' marked with A, T or P, they must submit the printed version (hard copy) of the application along with the necessary documents to the Registrar office of KUET within the deadline. For the above mentioned applicants, only Online submission will not be granted.

Step 5: Collection of Admit Card

After publishing the list of the qualified applicants for the admission test, the applicant has to download the Admit card from the assigned website ( by clicking 'Download Admit Card' button and print it on A4 size 80 gm Offset paper. An applicant without Admit Card will not be allowed to sit for the examination.

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